Paula Ann Fauza

Paula Ann Fauza


My Rates :

These are the basic hourly rates for my time, a traditional "escort" experience. I do not offer half-hour sessions; I believe it's important to have plenty of time, to truly make a good connection! If you are interested in an extended encounter, or another truly unique session, please explore my specialty services!  

1 hour €190
90 minutes €300
2 hours €350
3 hours €490
After three hours,
each additional hour:
dinner only (no private time) approx. 3 hours €350

Do I Offer Special Treatments?

I am genuinely bisexual and love to play with my friends! Being with two ladies is one of the ultimate male fantasies... and it's rather like getting to direct, and star, in your own adult movie! I have a couple of special girlfriends I really enjoy playing with.

1 hour - €290 to each of us ladies
2 hours - €440 to each of us

With preparation and forethought, threesomes can be a tremendous experience. I think it's exciting when a couple chooses to explore their sexuality! I would be delighted to join you and your partner for a truly memorable encounter.

90 minutes - €440
2 hours - €540
each hour in addition is €250

Visiting a swingersclub is an indulgent experience for men, women and couples looking for both relaxation and pleasure. In me you will find an experienced and attractive partner to accompany you there.

3 hours - €490
6 hours - €900
each hour in addition is €130

Please note that I am not into anal, S&M, fantasies involving kids or animals or even vegetables ;-) or any unprotected sex.