Paula Ann Fauza

Paula Ann Fauza


This is me:

During the day I am a part-time college student and do commercials / pictorials, while moonlighting as a social companion in my spare time.

My nature is soft and confident. I am told that I am relaxed and possess a very charming and infectious personality. I am 1.67 m. tall, have a size 36, and wear a 70B bra. My warm and fun personality, and my passion for life and new experiences, makes me your perfect companion.

My origins lie in Portugal, Italy, Brasil, and.... Amsterdam!

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So What is This About?

I operate from a standpoint of fun, friendliness, and excellent customer service.

I take pride in delivering what I promise, being punctual, honest and reliable.

In our daily life, success often comes with hectic schedule. Leisure time is a luxury not to be wasted. As a person who respects your time and investment, I strive to provide you with an exceptional experience that will bring out the best in both of us.